Hubl Greiner
Rupert Volz
Helmut Bieler-Wendt – at wikipedia
Shirley Hofmann
Jens Peter Volk
Therofal Rödelberger – at
Sandra Coutinho – at

Jaro Medien GmbH – German record label in Bremen.
Traumton  – German record label in Berlin.
InPolySons – French record label from Denis Tagu (Hardis Brut).
What´s so funny about – Sound of the 90th.
Trikont – Wo ist zuhause Mama 1 & 2.
Rough Trade – Hommage to Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Guest musicians:
Luigi Archetti – guitar player (Tour in Russia and Siberia 1996)
Ewald Hügle – saxophonist (CD DER VOLZ „Liebe macht blind“)
Paul Amrod – pianist from New York (CD Liebeslieder)
HF Coltello – guitar player
Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi – and his music magazine DooBeeDooBeeDoo in New York

Art work:
Sonia Ushiyama Souto – cover art from Sao Paulo/Brazil

Sound engineers:
Nickl Ton- und Lichttechnik – Tom Nickl, sound engineer
Gunni Heidler – sound engineer
mo-Ton Veranstaltungstechnik – Manfred Ostermay

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Photo Art – photo gallery by Claudia Knupfer
Stephan Rustige – artist, musician and performer from Germany